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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to submit referrals through the PatientPop Referral Rewards Program? 
PatientPop accepts referrals from almost anyone in the United States. Referral leads can be submitted by any healthcare practice employee, provided they are not an employee or family member of the referred company, or younger than 18 years old. (For instance, Sam Smith, an employee at ABC Medical, cannot refer Joe Smith, also an employee at ABC Medical, and receive Referral Rewards). 

What is a valid referral? 
A referral is defined as a named contact with company affiliation and contact information determined solely by PatientPop as having an interest in purchasing our practice growth software. 

How many referrals can I send to PatientPop? 
Keep sending in new referrals! There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can submit. 

Do I have to be a PatientPop customer to make referrals? 
No. Any healthcare practice employee in the United States can submit a referral. (Please see above for exceptions). 

Who receives the $250 gift card(s)? When will the gift cards be issued? 
PatientPop will issue the referrer with Visa gift cards on a monthly basis as referred accounts launch on the PatientPop platform. You will receive your gift card(s) via postal mail. Also, PatientPop customers may choose to receive account credit equal to one free month of the PatientPop Foundation License instead of a gift card. 

Are the rewards taxable? 
Yes, if you do not opt for PatientPop Foundation account credit (applies to PatientPop customers only), the gift cards are taxable income if you receive more than one in a calendar year. In order to send you gift cards on more than two referrals in a calendar year, we will need a completed W-9 form on file. You will receive instructions regarding the W-9 form if you are going to receive more than one gift card in the calendar year. For additional tax guidance, PatientPop recommends you consult a financial advisor. 

How can I check the status of a referral? 
You will receive email updates regarding the status of your referrals as they move through the PatientPop sales and implementation process. You can also email referrals@patientpop.com for more information.

How long do I have to wait for my PatientPop rewards? 
Payment is issued on a monthly basis, after PatientPop receives payment from the practices or companies that you refer. Therefore, your Referral Rewards may take more than one month to be issued. 

What if I chose to receive a $500 credit but paid for the year of PatientPop up front?
If your year contract renewal date is within 6 months, you will be credited on your next annual payment. If your renewal date is not within 6 months, you will receive the $500 credit in the form of a refund.

What if my referral does not become a PatientPop customer? 
Rewards are only issued for referrals that result in a sale of PatientPop software. Referrals that do not become customers are not eligible for rewards. 

What if my referral is already in contact with the PatientPop sales team? 
Qualifying referrals must be an introduction to an account that is not actively engaged with the PatientPop sales team. 

Do I need to know the person I am referring to PatientPop? 
While it’s not a requirement, we highly recommend you only provide referrals for healthcare professionals whom you know. As a best practice, you may also want to take an extra step and receive consent from referrals to submit their contact information. 

How long does my referral have to remain a customer for me to earn a reward? 
You will receive your gift card (or one free month of PatientPop Foundation) once your referral has launched on our platform. The implementation phase is variable depending on your referral’s business requirements and may take more than thirty days after they've signed up. You will receive status updates from PatientPop as your referrals move through the sales and implementation process. 

What if I have additional questions? 
If you have additional questions, please send a message to referrals@patientpop.com and we will be happy to help you.

No one tells the PatientPop story better than our customers and advocates, so we'd like to give you perks for sharing the Practice Growth Platform with other healthcare providers. 

Simply refer a colleague, and you'll receive a $250 gift card each time your referral starts using PatientPop. PatientPop customers can also choose to receive a $500 credit to their PatientPop Foundation for each referral in lieu of a gift card.

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