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Capitalizing on the Consumerization of Healthcare: How To Promote Your Practice  

Tuesday, August 27, 1pm ET | 10am PT
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Norm Schrager

Webinar speaker

Patients today are taking control of their healthcare choices more than ever before, demanding greater convenience and easy access to information. Three in four people have gone online to find out about a doctor or dentist, and more than 57 percent do so regularly. Attracting and retaining patients in this environment requires improving each digital touchpoint for patients, both before and after their visit. Join LACMA and PatientPop to learn how technology can create a better experience across the patient journey, and how every practice can benefit along the way. 

You'll learn:  

  • How patients choose their providers in this era of consumerization
  • Insights on evolving patient demands
  • How technology can help attract, satisfy and retain patients 

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Senior Manager, Content Strategy, PatientPop 

Norm helps lead content strategy at PatientPop. In this role, he identifies and creates content that is meaningful to healthcare providers and their staff, and contain insights to help them thrive in the digital world. Before joining PatientPop, he played a similar role at athenahealth.